WRGPT Office Hours

For the WRGPT purposes we assume you must sleep at some point. Therefore we assume that you will only be able to act on your hand during a limited time of the day.

We refer to that time as OFFICE HOURS.

To simplify things office hours are a contiguous ten hour period of your choosing Monday through Friday. They start at the START time you choose and go for ten hours of USA Pacific time.

Time is only counted against you during your office hours. You have FOUR hours to make your turn before timing out.

If you set your office hours late in the day they may wrap around to the next day. On Friday this gets tricky for international people as it could stop late Friday (midnight) and start up again early Monday (just after midnight).

Keep in mind that the office hours are the only time you could time out but you are encouraged to act even when it isn't your office hours if you are able as a courtesy to the players who may be in another office hours.